Meet Your Host

Karen Chaston is someone who understands what you are going through.

In 2011, she tragically found her youngest son by a minute dead at her back door. She then proceeded to do everything that she now advises people, not to do.

Now as a Beyond Loss Mentor, Speaker and Author, she understands that loss will visit us all many times throughout our lives and that when you know the healthy emotional way forward you can stop the suffering and live and love your life.

She has combined her 25 plus years as a Chief Financial Officer and Senior Manager, with her first-hand experience in loss, to create programs which demonstrate the correlations between loss, people and profits, for both individuals and companies.

Best of all, Karen’s Live Love By Design key notes, programs and retreats will make you laugh, cry and look at life from a completely new perspective. You will receive actionable systems you can take away and implement immediately, then utilise for the rest of your life.

Karen’s motto is “Life is too short to be spending your time grieving and suffering, unwrap the gifts and learn how to live and love your life.”