From Blame to Forgiveness

Moving from blame to forgiveness can at times be very difficult.
As humans, we like to be right.
We like to let others know that we were hard done by, that we were the innocent victim in the situation. Though, the funny thing about living a life of constantly blaming someone else or a particular situation for where we are in life is that we are the only one suffering, we are stuck and not growing and creating a better life.
Yes, that is right. The other person has moved on and more than likely have stopped even thinking about the event as they have justified to themselves that they did the right thing. You on the other hand are constantly talking and thinking about the event, continually creating ill feelings in your body, which may in turn create sickness and disease in your body.
The purpose of our life is to live in ease.
The more we create a life of ease the more we manifest a prosperous and joyous life. Our language once again, tells us how to live. When we are not in EASE we are in DIS-EASE and that is what our body attracts.
The quickest way to live in ease is to forgive any perceived wrong doings that have happened in your life. Yes, forgive the perpetrator. Even if you feel this is impossible, do it for yourself. By constantly bringing it up and not forgiving, the wrong doing is being done repeatedly to you and every single cell in your body is being affected.
Sometimes in life we have our heart set on something and it never eventuates.
In this situation, there was not a perpetrator for us to blame, it is just something we really want though for some reason, it is not happening for example, wanting a baby and not being able to conceive. In this situation, the person to forgive is yourself and /or your partner. Then start looking at your life and you will see that you have exactly what you have wanted it’s just in another form. Be it to a god child, niece, and nephew or maybe at work you are helping your co-workers or employees giving them the guidance they require to fulfill all their dreams and desires.
Yes, forgiveness is as much about us forgiving ourselves as it is about others. We may have, in hindsight, foolishly trusted when we should have been wary, that does not mean that we should never trust again, learn the lesson and live a life of love and joy instead of anger, fear and regret.

Are you ready to stop the blame game and come into love and forgiveness?

Not sure where to start?

Then check out some of the resources on this website.

Until next time…..

Be well and remember to make each day meaningful, memorable and magical………..and never, ever, ever stop dancing!

With Love & Gratitude
Karen Chaston.