Snippet The Celebrity Authority show – employees

Have you ever felt that your seemingly mismatched life experiences are all leading you to something big?

At first most people would think CFO (accountant) and Beyond Loss Life Coach have nothing in common.

Though when you dive deeper you realise that these provide you with an in-depth understanding of people and profits.

You understand how they are perfectly correlated. How when one suffers so does the other.

No wonder I’m passionate about sharing how the GIFT of Loss programs, can humanise your workplace, leading to greater fulfillment, productivity and profits.

One where your people, purpose and profits are thriving – all at the same time!

Here is a snippet from my recent guest appearance on the Celebrity Authority Show with Sam Cawthorn, where I spread the word.

Do you feel it’s time for the modern workplace to be more human?

PS: Let me know if you’d like a link to the whole conversation.

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