Fast Leader Show with Jim Rembach

Tweetable Quotes and Mentions

Listen to @KarenChaston4u to get over the hump on the @FastLeaderShow – Click to Tweet

“Everything starts with you, where a lot of time, we tend to put ourselves last.” – Click to Tweet

“How often do we end up fighting with colleagues, all because we haven’t taken the time to look at them from a different perspective.” – Click to Tweet 

“We’re constantly not only battling against our peers, but our self as well.” – Click to Tweet 

“We self-sabotage, so many times.” – Click to Tweet 

“It’s about being more conscious in everything you do.” – Click to Tweet 

“How many roles do we play during a day?” – Click to Tweet 

“When you have great relationships, especially with yourself, everything is just easier.” – Click to Tweet 

“It’s all about you actually understanding what you want out of life.” – Click to Tweet 

“So many times, we don’t even define what success means to us, we take on someone else’s definition.” – Click to Tweet

“There’s a million ways to look at anything, but we get stuck in, this is the way we do things.” – Click to Tweet

“We all forget to breathe, properly.” – Click to Tweet 

“You can have it all, but when you drift apart from who you are, life doesn’t work.” – Click to Tweet 

“It will take you nine months to birth your new way of life.” – Click to Tweet 

“When you start to change, everyone around you will start to change.” – Click to Tweet 

Hump to Get Over

Karen Chaston tragically lost her son Dan and she went straight back to work. She knew how to be a CFO, not a grieving mother. Eventually, she learned that his passing was meant for her to wake up. She now knows that you can have that career, but it doesn’t have to come at a cost to you.

Advice for others

You are the only person you are going to spend your entire life with. So, put yourself first, find your strength, courage and truth to make sure you live a life that is true to you.

Holding her back from being an even better leader

Not really very much. I’m only in competition with “yesterday me”.

Best Leadership Advice

Schedule everything in your calendar. Look to if it’s been your joy, moving you closer to your goal, if you should delegate it, or eliminate it.

Secret to Success

I genuinely listen to people and myself. I keep asking questions, is there an easier way of doing this better.

Best tools in business or life

Constantly monitoring my goals and how I’m closing gaps in each pillar under the live love way of life.