I totally understand that when you’re in the midst of a tragic loss it can be hard to relate to someone like me. Someone who always seems positive and looks to the brighter side of life. Someone who deep dives in and looks for the lessons, the reasons as to why.

Though I am not blind or deaf to where you may be at this time. I’ve been there. I’ve walked a similar path.

I know how dark it can be. How alone you can feel.

How you just want to roll up into a little ball and let the world go by.

How sick and tired you have become of everyone telling you to just get over it and to get back to who you were before all this happened.

And I also understand that “that person has gone.”

There is no going back.

There is only going forward and from where you are right now, it feels like you are walking on a tight rope and that any step you take seems enormous and will be the one that will make you lose it!

So, you are frozen where you are. Not able to move. What if I told you that this is perfectly the way it is meant to be?

I know you would probably think I was just trying to make you feel better. Which I am not.

Let me explain………… Well actually let’s look at the Vibrational Emotional Scale…

When you are suffering from grief and loss, you may feel depressed, in despair and most things seem hopeless.

You are clearly at the bottom of the vibrational emotional scale.

Your well-meaning friends and family are trying to cheer you up, get you back to where you had love, joy and passion in your life.

When you look at the scale you can clearly see why the leap may seem just too far. Impossible in fact.

Emotionally we can not leap from the bottom of the scale to the top……………in just one step. It is a step by step journey.

One where we move through the emotions. One where we look at the emotions that come up for us. Yes, we all will experiences different emotions. That is because our emotions have a message for us. A message that guides us to what requires healing. A healing that stops that same emotion returning. Now the journey does not have to take a long time.

Though there is a guided process that assists you to move up the scale more easily. You do not have to wallow below the neutrality step, as the Kubler-Ross’ “5-Stages of Grief” suggests. You see my 5-step Gift of Loss process starts with STOP.

It brings you to Neutrality so together we can assist you to deep-dive into all that has happened. And more importantly, we find the messages that these emotions are sending to you. This assists you to heal and then take the next four steps that assist you to design your better everyday life.

Bringing you back to Love, Joy and being passionate about your life again. Life is a continual journey from Love to Loss and then back to Love. You get to choose, where you get to spend the majority of your life.

I have chosen LOVE. This is why I went looking for a better way to move beyond loss. I had this inner knowing that it did not have to be as hard as it was for me and others. You get to choose where you sit on the vibrational scale. It is after all your life.

When you are ready, to choose LOVE, please reach out.

With Love and Gratitude,