Welcome to “Seek to Understand” day 3 of the ‘Creating a Team Dynamic Workplace’ series of posts.

Sometimes as leaders we can forget that we live in a world of infinite possibilities. We make assumptions about what is happening in the workplace with our people, their duties, the systems, procedures and in their lives. We are the leader of the ship and we see how it all fits together. Though we are not the ones in the trenches with our eyes down, not looking around, seeking to understand what everyone else is doing.

Though when we create a ‘seek to understand’ workplace mindset and focus, we take our team dynamics to the next level.

Imagine a workplace where people switch from telling people to “avoid [insert name] today as they’re in a bad mood” to one where the people who are ‘telling others to avoid [insert name],’ start asking questions to understand what is happening in the other person’s world that is at the core of their mood today.

Imagine what will happen to the workflow when everyone takes the time to seek to understand what their colleague does. Most roles in a company are connected in some way. This exercise may even highlight the same procedures that are being duplicated . When everyone is aware of the mechanics and importance of all other roles in the company, you’ll create a team dynamic workplace that flows with ease.

Another unexpected benefit from people sharing the intricate details of their roles is that it brings a new perspective and set of eyes, to the role / procedure. Personally, I’ve never looked at a role in detail without asking “why do you do it that way?” then in quick succession “is there a better way?”

These questions are asked to understand not to ridicule. Though unfortunately many people take offense to the questions, mainly because the only answer they have is “we have always done it this way, so why would I look for a better way.”

There are many money and time savings opportunities when people answer these questions this way. Create a think-tank around these procedure as it truly is low hanging fruit that will increase profits.

A human nature bonus is that the more times people are asked these questions, the more they will start to ask themselves these questions!

What steps will you take today, to introduce a ‘seek to understand workplace mindset and focus?’

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