Have you ever noticed how passionate people are when they talk about an inspirational teacher or leader that assisted them to aspire to be more than they thought they could be?

You can clearly see how grateful they are to the person who believed in them, probably when others doubted them.

As I have discussed previously in this series, inspirational leaders never ask anyone else to do what they are not willing to do for themselves. They walk their talk and that is why others are inspired to emulate their habits whilst creating their own unique version of who they emulate………. Which is really important as we are all individuals and nobody can be uniquely you.

Though assisting others to find their own unique mould that will be the steppingstones to their success in all areas of their life, is how an inspirational leader excels.

Here are three steps that can become SOP’s in your company:

  1. Ask Questions: How can I help you to make your job and life easier? This is the #1 question that most leaders never ask their employees. Maybe because they are scared of the answer or maybe because they don’t care. Find the courage to ask this question then……….
  2. Actively Listen: This is the greatest gift you can give your employees. When you listen to understand where they are at and where they’d like to be, you receive GOLD on how you can encourage them to….
  3. Get out of their comfort zone: We all have one. Sometimes all we require is someone to take our hand, believe in us and before we know it, we are flying solo. Be that someone.

Follow these three steps and watch how you will create a team-dynamic workplace that is exceeding all of your goals. Mainly because when you inspire others they are inspired to go above and beyond for you!

Which step will you take today, to ‘inspire others to be all that they can be?’

Remember: “Success isn’t about what you accomplish in your life, it’s about what you inspire others to do.” ~ Unknown

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post that will assist you to create your team-dynamic workplace.

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