Every year Gallup releases their stats regarding engaged employees in the workplace. Over the years they range between 15-30%. Breaking down remaining percentage between disengaged and actively disengaged.

Have you taken the analysis in your company? What difference would it make to your workplace and bottom line if you could move the 30% engaged to 60% engaged?

It’s possible. Mainly because not every employee that exhibits a toxic behaviour is actually a toxic employee. Sometimes they are just people doing the best they can and until someone helps them to find a better way, they will be stuck continuing to exhibit that toxic behaviour.

Do you have a development strategy / plan for all employees, from the janitor to the CEO?

If not, create one today

Here are three ideas that will assist your employee to become engaged:

  1. Ask your employees what they would like to learn, accomplish or create that would benefit the team. Then set a budget, so they can then research learning opportunities for them, that they can bring to you for discussion.
  2. Everyone thinks and views things differently. Team people up, so they can share their role and frustrations with each other. Sit back and watch the innovative ideas flow. (Make sure enough time is allocated, without them having to do overtime to catch up on their workload).
  3. Ask the employee where they would like to be in 3-5 years. Then together create their development plan to ensure this will eventuate.

When you show your employees that they matter, you care about them and have their future interests at heart, they in turn will ensure that your belief and trust will reap a huge ROI.

Are you ready to ‘create your ‘every employee development plan?’

Remember: “The growth and development of people is the highest calling of a leader.” ~ John Maxwell

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post that will assist you to create your team-dynamic workplace.

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