Why You Should Invest in Women
So you are looking for innovative ways to increase your profits without going for the short-term quick fix; cutting expenses.
I believe, at this time, investing in your female employees and creating Feminine Authentic Leaders are exactly what our companies, nation and the world require.
All over the globe, there is a growing trend that many highly talented, but currently unmotivated women, are set to walk away from the corporate world altogether.
Putting in jeopardy, the increased financial success, gender-balanced teams and innovative thinking these women bring to a corporation.
Due to their busy lifestyles women often go to work tired, worn out, depressed, over-worked, and underappreciated.
This in turn creates an unproductive and non-conducive workplace, ultimately leading to hard earned profits being wasted on increased HR issues, high sick leave and high employee turnover.
Research reveals that challenging, passion-driven work, making a difference and recognition are the top three career motivators for women. When women have these requirements met they stick around so companies don’t have to spend as much time and money recruiting and training new workers.
Happy employees also tend to rave about their workplace, which can often attract new talent. When job seekers are clamoring to work for a company, that company gets to choose the cream of the crop to join their team.
Companies need to provide these qualities if they want to increase their profits, create a more conducive environment, be an employee’s choice, all whilst assisting women to realise their full potential as leaders.
A win-win for all.