The Importance of Knowing and Valuing M.E.

Ok most of us were brought up with an understanding that if you put yourself first then you were selfish and no-one would want to work, love or be around you.
Whilst this may be true when you are coming from EGO, when you flip your perspective and start to embrace that “You are the only person you will spend your entire life with” you begin to see the benefits of how you can serve everyone else more effectively after you have looked after yourself first.

Remember, the first thing they say during the safety announcement on a plane….” Put your own oxygen mask on first, before you assist anyone else.”

Most women are putting themselves last and wonder why they are always feeling tired, overworked and underappreciated. Their relationships are falling apart mainly because they aren’t looking after themselves and are out of balance with all areas of life: mentally, professionally, financially, socially, family, physically, spiritually, emotionally and environmentally.
For most of my life, I leaned more towards professionally than any other area. No wonder I was eating and drinking too much, feeling unfulfilled, and wasting a lot of money. Now each week I spend quality conscious time in each area.
And I’m happy to say that every relationship in my life has improved, especially the ones with myself, my body, my food/ drink, my heart and my soul.

Scheduling your “M.E.” time

We all live busy lives. Though more than likely we are busy doing the things that don’t serve us and neglecting the things that will assist us to achieve our personal and professional goals.
I am a great believer that everyone should spend the first hour of each day on themselves. Their M.E. time – my exercise, my escape, my essence, my exuberance, my energy, me early… (the list is endless).

Rising early and seeing the sunrise whilst exercising is the best way to create a successful day. When you top yourself up, you then come from overflow all day long, allowing you to give, give and give without feeling resentful, unloved and unfulfilled.

Create a morning ritual that ensures you are energised, full of oxygen, eating healthily, as you will then easily be able to perform at your peak all day long.

Imagine, yourself being able to tap dance to and from work each day. Imagine jumping out of bed each morning, enthused about everything the day will bring. Imagine having extra energy at the end of the day and being able to spend quality time with your partner after the kids have gone to bed.

Not sure where to start?

Then check out the many resources on this website.

Until next time…..

Be well and remember to make each day meaningful, memorable and magical………..and never, ever, ever stop dancing!

With Love & Gratitude
Karen Chaston.