How Are you Spending Your Day?

Let me ask you a question… What percentage of your day is spent looking after your customers as opposed to putting out fires and working on HR issues?

Every employer faces personnel issues, though some days it appears that you spend more time putting out fires than you do completing your own tasks.

Isolating the most common workplace issues depends at least to a certain extent on the type of business and overall office environment, but in general problem areas fall into four broad categories: communication, harassment and bullying, gossip, and overall morale.

Whilst the first three categories are very important, the “overall morale” core issue arises when workers at any level begin to grow dissatisfied with their work. This can happen for several reasons. Some are universal, for instance a company deciding to shift the work of departing employees onto those who remain rather than hiring replacements; it can also be personal and individual though, such as the manager who simply doesn’t get along with key members of their team, or a boss who is disrespected and widely perceived to be unfair.

Whatever their root, morale issues can lead to low productivity and performance issues, which in many cases will impact a company’s bottom line.

Solving this problem often starts at the hiring phase, and companies with the best teams often have strong policies in place to hire not just the best candidates on paper, but rather the individuals who will work best, personality-wise, with people already on the team.

Looking for ways to balance work and outside life can also help improve morale, and employees who look for ways to make the best out of their situations are often the happiest both when it comes to job satisfaction, their individual career development and life in general.

Creating a strong office culture can eliminate or at least minimise many issues from the start.

Employees who are empowered, passionate about their work and are positive in their outlook will be the example for others to follow, as they will be focused on the tasks at hand, looking for the positives, and trying to avoid resentment and constant comparisons.

Are you ready to reap the rewards from having focused driven employees who are passionate about where they and the company are heading?

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Until next time…..

Be well and remember to make each day meaningful, memorable and magical………..and never, ever, ever stop dancing!

With Love & Gratitude
Karen Chaston.