The Death Letter Project

Have you ever sat and contemplated what death means to you?

It does not have to be your physical death, as deaths comes in many ways before that happens.

It could be a death of a relationship, a job, your health, your pets and so many more.

In early 2019, I was asked to be part of The Death Letter Project.

This is where we write a letter about what death means to you.

This is about your physical death. Though what I found is that when you define this, it actually assists you to live more. To love more. To be more.

Today, I thought I’d share my letter with you……………

Death to me is when we leave behind our earthly body, our family, friends and all our possessions.

All so we can go onto our next adventure. It’s a time when you get to have a beautiful long-awaited reunion with all your loved ones who have gone before you. It’s a time of celebration.

It’s a time when you also get to do your ‘Life Review’ ~ probably one of the hardest self-examinations you’ll ever perform.

Before we come down to earth to live our current life, we choose everything.

Yes everything. Who we will be, how we will look, our parents, family, friends and connections. A

ll our experiences. All so we can learn the lessons on a spiritual perspective so our soul can advance.

The ‘Life-Review’ is when you compare what you had planned to achieve and what you actually managed to achieve.     Then you figure out what got in your way, what stopped you from achieving all that you’d planned.

While this may all sound very final, it’s not. As even though we are not here physically we’re still here.

We are still travelling with our loved ones. With the best thing being that we get to hang with many of them @ the same time. Even if not geographically connected.

I like to think that for those still here we gain an extra Guardian Angel, one who we know their name.

We get to ask them for guidance & support, as and when we require it.

I have believed this for most of my life. This was also confirmed to me in 2001, when I read

Sylvia Browne’s book “Life on the Other Side.” 

It was a ‘Belief Confirmation’ book for me!  I had a knowing as I read each and every page. 

It actually turned my beliefs into a Knowing. And thank God I did have that inner knowing as little did, I know that it was going to serve me well, only 10 years later.

On the 10th July 2011, my husband and I woke to be what we thought a lazy Sunday at home.

Within 15 minutes it turned into the worst day of our lives, when we found that our beautiful 27-year old son Dan, had suddenly and very unexpected passed away at our back door, a few hours earlier.

Losing a child is like no other loss in your life.

It’s so out of order. We expect our older loved ones to pass before us.

My grandparents had. Dad had. My in-laws, uncles, aunts and even some friends had. None of these passing’s gave me the numbness and disbelief that Dan’s passing did.

Initially, I found the easiest way to cope with this was to ignore it. To just carry on with life.

Of course, this was never going to work. As everything happens for a reason and I now know that Dan’s passing was my wake-up call.

All so I could gain the awareness, perspective, wisdom and connections so that I could become the person who would be able to do what I’m doing now ~ assisting grieving people to heal, be restored and to live their Live Love Dream Life beyond the loss of their loved ones.

Dan and I agreed to do this before we incarnated this time. Together we agreed to assist the world to be comfortable with not only their inevitable death, though with every one of their loved ones who leaves this amazing planet before them.

Dan’s my Guiding Angel who assists me to continually gain the awareness and wisdom so that I can fulfill my mission.

He shows me signs every day that he’s travelling with me. He continually shows up in photos (as does my Dad) and I am grateful he has my back.

Death is just a part of our life-cycle. A way for our Soul to continue to develop. It’s a way for us to live many different roles……………

I wonder who I’ll choose to be next time?

No rush. I still have a lot to accomplish in this lifetime.

Make your life meaningful, adventurous, joyous and embrace the many ups and downs, as that’s how you grow soulfully.

Hope this inspires you to put pen to paper and write down “what death means to you.”

I can guarantee that it will assist you to design a life that you can live and love each and every day, as its so much easier to go onto your next adventure, when you have minimal regrets.

With Love and Gratitude,