A Million Little Things

It’s never just one thing, it is a million little things.

It’s all those things that add up as to why you love them. As to why you love hanging out with them and as to why you miss them when they are no longer a part of your life.

Loss is never easy. It does not matter which of the 40+ loss events that have happened in your life it will always come back to all the million little things, that is causing you to grieve and suffer.

Though what if you could do something to avoid the “loss event” from occurring?

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Sarah.

This is not Sarah’s photo, though she does look very similar. Sarah and her husband were going through tough times. They had decided that they would give it one more try to see if they can make their marriage work. Both of them had been tempted by others, though neither of them had broken their vows…… Yet!!

Sarah was introduced to me by a mutual friend and after an initial discovery chat, she decided to embark upon my Gift of Loss 1-2-1 program, even though she kept saying “Though, I have not lost my marriage yet.” To which I answered, “Yet, you both have been tempted by others so lets look at why that is so.”

During the process we discovered that he had stopped “seeing her.” He no longer gave her the compliments or joked or mucked around with her in the same way that he had when they were first married. She knew that things would change after 20+ years, though she always thought that the small things would remain the same.

The million little small reasons as to why they married in the first place. Sarah mentioned that “her masculine temptrest” saw her. He complimented her. He found her interesting and more than anything else they had fun together. The deeper that we walked along “The Gift of Loss pathway”, the more she began to realise that it was not just her husband’s fault, she was as much to blame as he was. She had also started to take him for granted. She had stopped laughing at his jokes. Stopped making that extra special effort and realised that spontaneity had disappeared from their daily life. Sarah was so grateful for the Gift of Loss process. She realised how much she truly did love her husband and also how all the little things add up and make all the difference.

I am happy to share that Sarah and her husband, now, only have eyes for each other.

Sometimes all that is required in any relationship, is a deep dive into what is working and what is not. Taking time to see what you’d like to STOP doing, START doing and KEEP doing. Have you taken the time to deep dive into your “not so ideal” relationships?………………

There are after all “a million little things” to look into.

Something to contemplate until next time!

Make every day Meaningful Memorable and Magical.

Stay well and always remember that there is great love here for you.

With Love and Gratitude