Are You Ready to Heal Your Past?

Healing allows us to reclaim our power. It gives us the opportunity to fit the pieces back together in such a way so that we are stronger than ever before. We learn and grow through our experiences. When we take the time to deep-dive into our past experiences to heal them, we receive all the many gems and lessons. Healing is not about condoning the things that have been done or said. Healing is about us. It’s about releasing the baggage so that we are not weighed down by it. It’s about learning from the past, all so that we can design a better future.

Have you taken the time to release the baggage and learn from your past?

The Importance of Healing

Life is going to send us all life-changing challenges and events. At the Chaston Centre we call them Loss Events. We have identified over 40 different loss events. We all will have multiple Loss Events, that will affect us emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. They affect our Heart and Soul.

When we have a physical injury we seek medical assistance, though when we have internal injuries for some reason there is a reluctance to seek help. There seems to be a shroud of shame and secrecy hovering around emotional “damage”. Vulnerability and human fragility generate fear. When unforeseen things happen that shatter life as we know it, it lights up these “weaknesses.”

We deserve more than that, and that is the importance of healing. We are whole beings. We are physical, cognitive, emotional, spiritual beings, with all four aspects intricately woven together. If one part of us hurts, the whole is affected. When one part of us is not assisted to heal, our whole being suffers. True respect for ourselves grows out of an acknowledgement of our wholeness. Only then are we able to recognise that in order to care for ourselves we have to care for the WHOLE us.

A life-changing adversity can be crushing. If you allow it, the weight of it can keep you flat for a long time. Take Life up on it has to offer of assisting you to thrive in all areas of your life..

Reach out when you’re ready to make a commitment to your healing.

Make Every Day, Meaningful Memorable and Magical.

Stay well and always remember that there is great love here for you.

With Love and Gratitude