It’s Time to Deep-Dive into Your Emotions

Welcome to the “Emotional Deep-Dive” edition of “It’s Sun Day: Your Day to Shine”

Today, is Sunday the 23rd May 2021. Today is a 555 portal. When you add the day, month and year and reduce it to a single digit they individually add to 5. Day 2+3=5, Month =5 Year 2021 = 5.

The 555 portal is a gateway that opens to:

Major change, transformation, opportunities, love healing, harmony, freedom and higher consciousness.

So today’s theme is all about assisting you to deep diving into your emotions. So you may receive the gift from the past.

As then you may be ready to leave everything you know behind and be open to your inspiration that will transform your life into all of your hopes, dreams and aspirations.

Enjoy your Emotional Deep Dive Sun Day.

Take time to Celebrate You, Today and All Days!

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) from the Personal Competence Perspective

Today we will be looking at our Emotional Intelligence (EQ) from the Personal Competence Perspective which comprises your self-awareness and self-management skills.

  • The Personal Competence Perspective focuses more on you individually than on your interactions with other people. Personal competence is your ability to stay aware of your emotions and manage your behaviour and tendencies.
  • Self-Awareness is your ability to accurately perceive your emotions and stay aware of them as they happen. Knowing what you’re thinking and feeling and how this makes you behave ~ being ‘self-aware.’
  • Self-Management is your ability to use awareness of your emotions to stay flexible and positively direct your behaviour. Being able to express your own feelings in the appropriate manner.

No one has the power to make you feel the way you do. Many times, we blame others for the way we feel, whereas in reality we are totally responsible for the way we react, respond and feel in any given situation. We all have our so-called buttons, when pushed, cause us to act or think in negative ways beyond our normal day-to-day selves. Ok, sometimes you feel it is an unconscious reaction and consciously you do not have the answers, as to why you may feel a certain way. Though the responsible thing to do is to figure out why you’re responding the way you do, in any given situation.

Today’s activities are designed to assist you in bringing self-awareness to better know, understand and heal your emotional buttons. Instead of becoming frustrated, know that your buttons are the keys to your growth.

Three Self-Awareness Exercises

  1. Why Do I Do the Things I Do?

Start consciously monitoring the things that you’re doing and saying. This will assist you to tune into why you may be feeling the way that you do, in any given moment

  • Ask yourself why do I do this?
  • Is it for me or for someone else?
  • What’s the purpose, is this the most important thing to be doing right now?

The answers will assist you tune into you, to focus and better know yourself.

  1. Time to Tune into How I Feel Right Now

To get to know what you are feeling in any given moment, Several times during the day, allot 5 minutes in your calendar for you to close your eyes and tune into your body.

With your eyes closed, moving from the top of your head, scan down to tune into each part of body. The more you do this the more you will know your optimal health and well being.

Write down the emotion. Look at the Chaston Centre Emotions List.

Schedule these 5-minute reflections into your calendar say every 2 or 3 hours.

Notice how much more you achieve, each day through taking this 5 min check in!

  1. Time to Reflect Upon My Daily Emotions

Before going to bed spend some time reflecting upon you’ve feelings throughout the day.

Create an emotions journal and break each page into two columns: the left one is for your emotions where you list them by the hour, the right one is for the context that surrounded that emotion. Once you’ve listed all emotions, start to compare and analyse them. What’s the ratio of positive vs negative emotions? Which emotions dominate and what causes them? What are their triggers?

This will allow you to see where emotions come from exactly in order to work on changing their triggers and reducing negative emotions by stopping them from arising.

Your health and wellness are correlated to the way you feel. When you pay attention to your feelings, you receive the messages they are sending. Assisting you to create the life you’re meant to live.

Here are two books the Chaston Centre highly recommend as they provide the guidance to assist you to pay attention to your feelings and then heal them:

  • Louise Hay “You Can Heal Your Life.”
  • Inna Segal “The Secret Language of Your Body

Awesome stuff!

Now, that is a WRAP for Sun Day the 23rd May 2021: Your Day to Shine.

Enjoy your day, deep diving inyo you and your emotions.

Make Every Day, Meaningful Memorable and Magical.

Stay well and always remember that there is great love here for you.

With Love and Gratitude