Finding Clarity

Today I’ve been guided to write about something we all seek at various times throughout our lives. It’s something that I have noticed that many people are lacking in their life.

It is something that will stand out, as a MUST HAVE, when loss comes to visits.

I’m talking about Clarity.

Clarity means clearness.

Or for a better definition lets go to Abraham Hicks…………

When we bring clarity to what has happened. To what it means for us now. What it means for us tomorrow and then all of the next days after that, we can then begin to get excited about jumping out of bed, today and tomorrow. And about our life.

When we are in the midst of our loss, (any of the 40+ different loss events), our future is very murky. Very hazy. We can not clearly see what the best step forward is for us.

And because we can not see how to move forward, we get stuck. We freeze. And for many of us, we are still frozen many days, months and even years later.

Clarity brings us a vision beyond our current self. It assists us to imagine our best self. The one that we may have been dreaming about for a long time.

I can feel you asking, “So how do I bring clarity into my life?”

Let’s explore just that!

Finding Clarity

“What you seek is seeking you!” ~ Rumi

Rumi’s saying is so true. What you are seeking will find you….. once you start to take some action steps towards it.

The first step is for you to begin to do the deep dive within yourself to find what is meaningful for you. What is missing in your life. Not just over all though in all areas of your life.

Remember that sometimes when you feel there is something missing in your life, maybe that something is YOU!

The Chaston Centre’s wellness wheel has nine areas of life.

As you may imagine, each area will bring different meaningful hopes, dreams and aspirations.

With this in mind, the first clarity question is to ask what is important for me, at this time? What will bring meaning to me? To my best self.

Then ask this for each area of your life. You may choose to do one area a day. To sit with your journal book and ask these questions:

“If I could have all that I desire, if I knew that no mountain was too high, what would be my ideal dream to enhance this area of my life? What needs to happen for me to have all the Joy, Love, Fulfillment, Connection and Meaning, that I have been seeking?

Dig deep and hold back nothing. You as much as anyone else, deserve to have all that you desire. All that is required is for you to believe that you can have it. That you are worthy.

So often it is us that holds us back. That we feel that we are not worthy.

You are. I know you are. You would not be here, if you were not.

Step Two

Then once you know where you would like to be. Who you’d like to be, the second step is to start to utilise your senses.

All six of them!

Start to feel into what your daily life will be like. Bring in the feeling. Get excited about what you will be doing when you have created that life.

Start to see what you’re life will be like. Sit down and close your eyes. Then visualise what you will be doing. How you will feel. Who you will be. Feel into the visualisation. Taste how good you will feel. Talk how you’d like to talk. Listen how you’d like to listen. Have the meaningful conversations you’ve been wanting to have. Reach out and touch it. Bring it ALL to you.

Vision beyond your current self.

Many people see this part of the exercise as nonsense though it’s a very important part. You see, your subconscious does not understand the difference between reality and our visualisations. The more that you visualise with all of your senses. The more that you believe in these becoming your reality, the easier it is for you to create and bring them into reality.

The easier it will be for you to then take the actions steps required to take you from where you are today to where you would like to be.

Once you have a taste of what is truly possible and have had a trial run, a walk through, know that the visualisation is the driving force that makes it become reality.

Do not miss this step. Do not see it as nonsense. It’s actually about you dropping the ‘non’ and ‘sensing’ into it. See it. Feel it. Taste it. Believe it. Talk it. Know that it is all about bringing your destined reality to you now, so you can be there in the future..

Remember you are SEEKING clarity to a better life.

SEE first, then you will live like a KING………… especially when you do all the steps!

Step Three

Now it’s time for you to figure out all the steps required, that will take you from where you are today to where you have envisioned yourself being.

What are the skills required. What are the actions steps What is the most ideal order for all of these things to happen.

Plan the entire journey. List the steps in chronological order. Add an expected length of time for each item to be completed. Then when you add them up you know exactly how long it will take for you to go from where you are today to creating your ideal dream life……………. In all areas of your life.

Then, you diarise each action step. Perform them as they come up in your calendar. Knowing that each time you do that action, you are moving one step closer to where you want to be.

Know that each time you say no to others, in order for you to do an action step, you are saying YES to YOU and YOUR BETTER FUTURE.

This is how you bring Clarity to your life.

This is how you bring Meaning to your life.

Joy to your life.

Love to your life.

And Fulfillment to your life.

It all begins with you seeking clarity.

I trust that this has assisted you to begin to know, that you are worthy of having a life filled with all that you desire.

Reach out if you have any questions or require assistance with this.

In the meantime have a AbFab week and make every day Meaningful Memorable and Magical.

Stay well and always remember that there is great love here for you.

With Love and Gratitude